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Big 3 PBMs control 80%+ of the market, leaving employers trapped in rigid and unaffordable pharmacy benefit plans. However, Phoenix PBM’s open-architecture plan design creates unmatched savings and benefit customizations for your clients.

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Helping Your Clients
Soar into Savings

  • $514 Million Saved in 2023
  • 14.5% Average Plan Savings

An Open-Architecture Approach to an Evergrowing Problem

Specialty Rx spending has been skyrocketing for years, and new specialty drugs and therapies hitting the market are only accelerating this trend. With 93% of employees struggling to meet these costs and Big 3 PBMs remaining inflexible in helping them get there, your clients can’t keep compromising.

Instead, you can help them start personalizing. At Phoenix PBM, our open-architecture, client-driven pharmacy benefit plan designs empower your clients to have a say in their plan components, protect their bottom line, and benefit from:

Quick Implementation

No disruption or additional costs

Exclusive Pharmacy Contracts

We are completely independent and own 100% of our contracts.

Customized Pricing

We’ll completely customize a model that works for your clients.

Honest Rebate Opportunities

We do rebates your clients’ way and pay faster than the competition.

National Pharmacy Network

Members gain savings at 60,000+ pharmacies nationwide.

Ongoing Support

Member adherence and plan performance reporting.

Collaboratively Supporting Brokers

  • Your Clients Choose Cost Containment Tools
  • Your Clients Customize Their Plan Design
  • You Can Deliver Millions in Specialty Rx Savings

Compassionately Supporting TPAs

  • Easy and Quick Implementation
  • Comprehensive & Transparent Claims Auditing
  • First-in-Class Account & Customer Service

Deliver Savings Without Disruption

Deliver Savings Now

Proven Pharmacy Benefit Success

MyRxAdvocate, our exclusive specialty savings program, maximizes savings by procuring alternative funding for specialty and select brand name drugs.

Learn how this program helped us save one client $119k in just four months through international Rx sourcing.

Restructuring Pharmacy Benefits for Downstream Success

A PBM That Truly Cares About Your Success

We service TPAs of all sizes and work to ensure real collaboration with our broker partners. If one of your groups has a problem, you can be confident Phoenix has a creative solution.

“Many self-funded groups want a full-service model, but they don’t want to pay a large admin fee to the PBM. Phoenix worked with us to customize a program that charges the pass-through cost on each prescription, with a fee that’s manageable and a share in the rebates— so everyone is happy.”
-   Satisfied TPA Partner

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Complete customization to best fit your clients’ specific needs.

We’ll handle the rest.

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